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Founder's Blessings

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  • Founder's Blessings
  • Founder's Blessings
  • Founder's Blessings
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Founder's Blessings - Notes, insights, and favorite Scriptures from Don Leetah, co-founder of Dayspring

In a quiet room at the back of the house, stacked into piles and filed into cabinets, are decades worth of pages covered with scribbles of various colored inks. These are the notes and personal reminders of Don Leetch, co-founder of Day Spring. Don taught powerfully, lived generously, loved Jesus wholeheartedly, and praised God continually, all the way to the final days before his homecoming in 2014, at the age of 88. Gathered here are some of Don's richest discoveries and insights, taken straight from his handwritten notes through the years. Take just a moment each day to read, ponder, and discover for yourself-the blessings of knowing the Lord. Day Spring Christian cards and gifts give you just the right ways to express your faith.

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