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Successful Home Cell Groups by Dr. David Yonggi Cho

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  • Successful Home Cell Groups by Dr. David Yonggi Cho
  • Successful Home Cell Groups by Dr. David Yonggi Cho
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Home cell groups are becoming a necessity in the believer's life, not only for the mega-churches but also for the small corner churches, as well. This book is a how-to resource that details everything you need to know in order to make home cell groups work in your church. The plans developed here are designed to bring intimate fellowship and involvement in the Christian's life, to effectively show Christians how to evangelize their neighborhood and community, and to share their spiritual gifts with one another. Home cell groups, therefore, give church members the opportunity to participate in the ministry of their church. Dr. Cho promises that, ''By following the guidelines I have presented here, you can bring the miracles of home cell groups and church growth to your own congregation.'' So how does a church of more than 800,000 believers grow and work? Small groups, one household at a time. Cho is careful to share both his mistakes as well as his successes. One of the prime ingredients for a successful home group program is evangelism. He insists that the cell groups focus on the neighborhoods and communities to reach the lost. Leadership, training, discipline, recognition, focus, and personal involvement by the senior pastor are other critical elements. There is a careful balance which needs to be struck between control and freedom for each group to strengthen and grow. Great wisdom is shown in relying on the Holy Spirit to strike the right balance. As a senior partner in ministry, The Holy Spirit has grown the body of Christ in a miraculous way. Recorded in this book are lessons for us all, laymen and clergy, large church and small.

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